J. C's Story

Many artists arrive on the music scene having to figure out who they are, and what their core message is. Others break forth with a clear vision of themselves, as well as the clear message they want to put to music; allowing the music to essentially write itself. J. C. Bligen fits securely in the latter category. His single “Seriously,” is a rhythmic mix of urban gospel, and R&B/Soul.  Recorded, and mixed in his home studio, with lyrics that call to memory a time when he wasn’t as strong in faith as he desired, saying: “I know I was wrong, doing things on my own.” 

Born in the Bronx, Bligen always loved music and discovered he could sing at an early age. Moving from the Bronx to South Carolina with his mom, he began to sing in the Mt. Calvary Baptist church choir. As a teenager, he moved back to New York, and found that after gaining some life experiences, he could now put his feelings into words and found his knack for writing songs. 

Bligen took a course in audio engineering at SAE-Atlanta Institute, honing his skills as a music producer and composer. He continues writing and with his new skills as a recording engineer, recording. 

Bligen’s influences in gospel music range from James Cleveland to Donnie McClurkin. He says, “I grew up listening to James Cleveland, Shirley Caesar and many others, as well as singing on the choir of my local church. I believe my path was always laid out for me, and now I have come full circle.” 

J. C. Bligen is doing it his own way, writing and producing songs, which are the culmination of his life experiences and is sure to garner him the notoriety he greatly deserves.