Red Tuxedo Mastering House - Atlanta, GA

Hello Fam,

Red Tuxedo Mastering House in Atlanta, GA is mastering the new single for J.C's. new single 'Jesus'. We are so proud of the hard work J.C. Bligen has put into this new track. We the team behind J.C. are so excited and hope that you will love the new single as much as we do.

Red Tuxedo Mastering House is located in Atlanta, Ga on Piedmont Circle, just moments from Atlantic Station and have been mastering for top performing artists for more than 20 years. We are so proud to have this project in the hands of Rich Stratton, who also instructed J.C. in Mastering at SAE Institute in Atlanta, GA. If you desire to have your next masterpiece in his hands, please go to Red Tuxedo's website.

Once Rich is done mastering the single it will be distributed to the media, before being released on July 27th of this year. We hope you will enjoy the music of J.C. Bligen. We look forward to bring you wonderful music for years to come.


The J.C. Team

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